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Top 8 Essay Services: How is an Essay Writing Service Rated?

The essay writings services listed here are assessed based on the superiority of the customer support provided, the user-friendliness of each essay service, the ability for each essay service to meet student need, and whether the professional service can help a student make the grade.

The reviews left by other customers are also taken into consideration as user feedback is vital to essay service assessment. When it comes time to choose an essay writing service website, a student is putting their trust into a professional service and writers, believing the professional service will help in producing papers that are nothing short of stellar.

The paper should be well-researched, sources should be easy to find based on a reference/citation sheet, and the finished product should appear polished and perfected in every way possible. All of the latter is a lot to demand from a professional writing service and essay writing service, but the top eight service solutions shared below are definitely up to the task.


WriteMyEssay4Me is a quality essay writing service accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The company’s official website is at http://www.writemyessay4me.org, and a cursory review of the essay service shows that students will have no difficulties with website navigation. The usability perks associated with the service identified as writemyessay4me.org include:
  • A clean, uncluttered homepage listing vital information.
  • Dual horizontally positioned essay service menus: One at the upper portion of the screen and one running along the bottom for ease of service access.
  • Three methods of company contact presented in the upper right corner: Direct phone number, Skype contact, and live chat.
  • Students will appreciate the ease of ordering service options presented in the upper right corner of the home screen.

What Makes Write My Essay 4 Me The Best Service?

The essay writing service is one of the tops in the list of the best sites on the Web for writing help for a number of reasons. The main reason is that essay service hires the best writers in the industry. Those with vast experience in writing and those who hold college educations.

Moreover, every writer has English as a native language. By hiring only writers with English as a native language, it ensures that papers produced do not show up with the common errors English as second language students make, like punctuation errors, missing articles like “the” and “a”, and awkward wording due to a lack of an understanding of the English language’s nuances and subtleties that go along with its use. This essay writing service’s writers all stem from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Additional Perks

This essay writing service pulls out all the stops in an effort to make the use of their writing services beneficial for every customer. The essay writing service offers free paper revisions following feedback of the student. This service is offered in order to ensure the student’s voice is captured and the content of the paper contains matches the student’s preferences.

The essay writing service assures students of 100% original content. The material is written specifically for the student, as specified, and the material is not a spin of another paper, a rewrite, or rehashed material. Rather, every paper writemyessay4me produces contains completely original content processed through a plagiarism scanner to ensure that all citations are made, and any paraphrased information does not come up as indicative of a plagiarized paper. Even better is the fact that this professional service offers the 100% money back guarantee.


CustomWritings is another exceptional writing service online with an amazing motto: “The Art of Relieving Students’ Pain.” It is with this very motto that the writing service demonstrates a full understanding of the real world pressures that a college student endures through participating in a bachelor’s degree program, a Masters program, or even while the student is working toward a Ph.D.

Company Mission: Making Life Just a Little Bit Easier for the College Student

There is no question that college is a lot of work. The student has to find time to read and write all while paying attention to lectures, taking notes, studying, and trying to have some kind of minuscule social life on the side.

Oh, let’s not forget about sleep, which is absolutely necessary unless we go to class hallucinating. Thus, a student can visit the website customwritings.com, and in just a few minutes can realize exactly how the essay writing service can prove beneficial throughout their college career. The official URL to Custom Writings is http://customwritings.com.

When visiting the essay writing service, the student can make sure that the professional service offers the very thing they need in terms of writing solutions and can take a look at previous feedback or comments from other satisfied students. At customwritings, the college student requiring writing assistance soon realizes the writers on staff are capable of formatting a college paper in any citation style they want. Typical paper formatting options include all the following:
  • Modern Language Association - MLA
  • American Psychological Association - APA
  • Chicago Manual of Style - COM
  • Harvard style
  • Custom format: in the event, the student finds that they need a custom format, the professional American and the United Kingdom writers at this essay writing service are more than happy to cater to a student’s specific requirements

Ease of Customer Ordering and Additional Benefits

When placing an order for a paper to be created, the student indicates the number of pages required, the length of the paper, the academic level of the paper, the topic of the essay in question, and the type of citations required if any.

If the student has any resources the writer should rely on, he or she can upload the documents to give the writer access to files in a digital format. When students make use of this custom essay writing service option, it’s like betting on a sure thing.

The student can order essays with a deadline of a few weeks or a couple of hours depending on need, and whatever the case may be, the essay writing service aims to meet the customer’s demand thereby ensuring greater academic success for the student who’s looking to maintain their grade point average, or perhaps even improve it.


A trustworthy reputation and speedy services are a hallmark of this beyond excellent essay writing professional service. Many students are more than pleasantly surprised when they realize the plethora of service options, features, and benefits derived from becoming a customer of this particular essay writing service. In fact, a cursory glance at the official website proves enticing enough to make students explore. To access the essay writing service, all a student has to do is point their URL browser to the following website address: http://essayclick.net.

An Essay Writing Service with a Remarkable Reputation

EssayClick has a staff of professional writers from around the world all of which are fluent in American and the United Kingdom English.

It is important to have a stronghold on English. These writers are capable of picking up on the nuances of the language, using the appropriate spelling, and avoiding awkward wording. So, what exactly can a student expect from the pro writers working with EssayClick?

An Essay Writing Service with a Remarkable Reputation

To list all the features of the essay service is nearly impossible because the available writers are so willing to customize papers and the services they provide. Let’s take a look at what essayclick.net can deliver in brief:
  • Whatever paper a professional writer creates for the student is written fresh, and it is not rehashed material.
  • In a typical essay, the paper will include an intriguing, enticing introduction to draw the reader in; a thesis, three or more full paragraphs to support the argument presented in the initial paragraph and a conclusion.
  • Every essay assignment that a writer produces is written clearly and concisely - the paper is free of grammatical issues, problematic punctuation, typos, and/or awkward wording.
  • The paper is provided to the student for feedback, and necessary revisions are made upon the request.
  • Proofreading and editing: whether the student writes the paper him or herself and wants to have the body of work edited by someone with the “fresh pair of eyes,” the company’s writer will review it for correct grammar, spelling, wording, and to ensure a flawless presentation.

More and More Benefits

At essayclick, students get a number of advantages including a guarantee of timely delivery of the paper, a guarantee on the satisfaction with the work, and a number of freebies that make the services even more enticing.

Free features include, but are not limited to, a free title page, reference page, formatting, email delivery of the finished products, and access to a free account to login and check up on project status. Essay Click is not only affordable, but they offer fast-friendly service and superior customer support.


Among the companies where students can order assignment help, or where students can get a professional writer to look at a previously written paper to ensure its integrity, one will find the website Essay Dragon is listed among the top professional writing companies.

Upon visiting the homepage of Essay Dragon at http://essaydragon.com, you can immediately see how easy it is to order high-quality homework assignment help or the production of an incredible essay. Students lose nothing by giving the essay service a try since there’s a 100% guarantee promising full customer satisfaction. So, what else does EssayDragon have to offer?

An Essay Writing Service that Defines the Term “Professional.”

A student can start with reviewing affordable prices at essaydragon.com by doing a simple search on the price page of the website dedicated to pricing information for papers, slide show presentations, and potential discounts without a coupon necessary. The essay service is user-friendly and makes everything easy to understand.

There are no hidden fees and no trick wording. Along with the affordable services that this essay writing service provides, the company also provides students with a number of freebies as they fully understand that colleges are an expensive endeavor that leaves students “on a money crunch budget” – much like trying to squeeze quarters our of fresh lemon! Available freebies from this essay writing service include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Paper formatting at essaydragon free of charge in any academic style including Modern Language Association, American Psychological Association, Chicago Manual of Style, or Harvard citations. In the event custom citations are required, a student can specify this at the time of ordering.
  • A perfectly documented, flawless reference page indicating all sources are used in the appropriate format.
  • Plagiarism scan of the paper to ensure that all sources are documented appropriately and that all paraphrasing meet the guidelines as set forth by the student’s learning institution.

More Sweet Treats from EssayDragon Online

This writing service hires only those who have English as a native language. The reason for doing so is to ensure that every writer can pick up the nuances of the Americanized and United Kingdom English most commonly used in academic papers. Therefore, all the professional writers are either from Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, or the United States.

Every writer has either a college education and experience in the workforce of writing, or both an extensive experience as a writer and demonstrates impressive skills in all areas of writing, but even more so in an academic sense. Additional free services include revisions of the paper until the student is satisfied and therefore all revisions are free.


JustBuyEssay is not only a remarkable essay writing service students can call on when deadlines loom and the pressure is on for an exceptional paper production. At justbuyessay.com, students can give their assignments to a professional writer and will definitely find the homework help and coursework assistance a priceless resource for college students.

The company has 24-hour customer service through live chat options, or the student can use a direct phone number to contact a writer/staff member at justbuyessay. Of course, that’s really the beginning of what the essay service delivers to students looking to improve their paper writing skills and/or take advantage of editing services.

Just Buy Essay Writing Service Solutions

A visit to the official homepage of this particular writing service at http://justbuyessay.com will definitely clear up any ambiguity a student has so they can take advantage the pro writing service’s offerings. This is the first time a student has ever used a writing service; this company is going to make it very easy to order essays, reports, slideshow presentations, and more.

Services the company can provide are customizable as well as they seek to take her to the deeds of different college students of different academic levels. Since the ordering process streamlined, a student taking advantage of essay writing service solutions and find the number of pages paper requires, the academic level, the topic, sources to use, special formatting requests, the length of the paper, and most importantly the deadline the papers required to be completed by as well.

People find the easy streamlined process of ordering any of the available features the company offers one of the most appealing aspects of JustBuyEssays.com.

Some Seriously Sweet Treats

When you hire a writer through this essay writing service, you will discover that any writer that works for the company aims to please. After one takes the time to place an order at this top-rated essay writing service, your chance to know the writer who produced the paper to direct contact. Now onto the really fun benefits:
  • Every paper that writer produces to this company is subjected to unlimited and totally free revisions based on student feedback and direction.
  • A free, concisely produce, the perfectly centered title page is provided to give the paper that all-important professional appearance.
  • Whether a student requires American Psychological Association APA, Modern Language Association MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, or Harvard citations, the writers at this particular company are intimately familiar with all academic styles of citations and references. Speaking of references, the essay service offers a complete concisely produced reference page matching the citations format requested.
  • Electronic delivery of the paper produce is applied to the student free of charge. The student received a digital production of the paper that can be freely downloaded and printed an unlimited amount of times. All rights to the paper belong and remain to the student.
  • If the student desires, and the paper requires it, a table of contents is freely provided as well.


With pro-essay-writer.com, an assessment of the website revealed that there is once again another company that college students can count on in need of a time crunch for college essay production. The official website is http://www.pro-essay-writer.com.

Pro-Essay-Writer is one of the most affordable, which is why the essay service is so popular considering that money is often tight for the college student. Understanding students focus on education and not necessarily a full-time job; the www.pro-essay-writer-com essay writing service also offers a number of free services are an effort to benefit the student in the best way possible. Let’s take a look to see what this top-rated business has to offer what a student can take away from this more than reliable paper production service.

Pro-Essay-Writer: It Is More Than Just a Name

The pro-essay-writer website is so-called because every writer at the essay service has plenty of years of experience in the writing industry. Many of the writers have college degrees in different academic subjects, so the company makes every effort to match up a writer most familiar with work similar to what the student needs to be produced.

When placing an order, it is advised this to indicate whether they want American or UK English as the writers are versed in both: the experience each writer has to understand the nuances of the different cultural influences on the English language. Culture influences and up resulting in unique spellings of specific words and sometimes presenting with distinct words being used in specific contexts only.

Pro Essay Writer - Making College Life a Little Bit Easier

When a student needs a paper written, they are going to want a writer that has years of experience in the industry, so they can feel a sense of trust when the handover that all-important assignment to someone they barely know.

The initial use of the writing service is sometimes difficult for a student who was afraid to trust in such a service as it almost seems too good to be true or they fear they might get in trouble for using the service altogether.

Ordering of writing solutions is perfectly legal, and students can rest assured knowing they’re getting fresh content that is not plagiarized in any way shape or form. This particular essay writing service can help a student in many ways including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Ensuring the timely submission of a flawless paper when it is due.
  • Demonstrating a grade improvement over the course of the long-term.
  • Educating the student by example and by sample paper how to improve one’s formatting, style, writing, grammar, and editing skills.


At ultius.com, all the professional writers are American writers, and that company is committed to never outsourcing outside of the nation. This writing services been in business since 2010 and remains entirely committed to hiring only writers from America who have English as their native language.

Successful is this writing business is as it boasts having over 1400 writers and the company’s customer database stems from well over 40 countries all over the world. Currently, this company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and it is accredited by the same agency. The core services that this exceptional writing solution provides includes, but is not limited to, essay writing, research paper writing, dissertations, editing, thesis production, and business writing.

More about Ultius

Essentially, the writers from this company are capable of producing a paper that is presented without awkward wording with correct grammar, no typos, no spelling errors, and no misuse of otherwise properly spelled words.

A visit to the official URL of the writing service can introduce the student to the most remarkable writing solutions, all of which are a mere mouse click and a smart buying decision away: That all important web address is http://www.ultius.com.

An Essay Writing Solution Set to Impress

This more than excellent essay writing service, while having a more uncommon business name, will leave a more than an impression on the mind of the student. The company provides the students with all of the following perks:
  • Timely Delivery
  • Absolutely Free Paper Revisions
  • Concisely produced content and a flawlessly presented document
  • Access to the Services from the Best Writers from all Around the Globe
  • 100% Plagiarism Free Original Content
Utilus.com gives students unlimited revisions at no extra cost: a feature allowing the student to ensure the flawless quality of the paper. Customer support is available via through ultiius.com via a direct phone number, Skype, or live chat options to someone is always available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

One of the primary concerns the students have when approaching a good essay writing service is whether or not the company will maintain 100% confidentiality: Such is the case at www.Ultius.com where one’s information is never sold to a third party, and all transactions are processed through encrypted technologies.


Last, but definitely not at all least is the website UKEssay. This is an essay writing service many students have come to trust. What’s really nice about this particular essay writing service that you get to choose and indicate the country you reside in when you are placing your order.

The entire order is actually confidential, and none of the information shared with third parties. When you attempt to place an order, you’ll see four buttons, one for the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and the final box being marked “other.” With a click of the mouse, you can choose your country of origin.

What Does the Essay Writing Service Deliver?

The amount of writing along with the types and styles of writing that this particular company offers is astounding. Writers of this particular essay writing solution have experience with writing basic academic essays, but they also help with coursework, assignments, folder creation, and report creation.

This website also has writers capable of writing dissertations, exams, marking services, PowerPoint presentations, skeleton outlines, and finally, vocational/specialist law service writing services are also available.

Customer Advantages and Perks

When you’re placing your order, you need to indicate the grade level required and the subject matter that’s being covered by the paper. Additional necessary material will include but is not limited to, the following:
  • The length of the paper and the required delivery time.
  • The abilities to choose to pay extra for one of the top five only writers the company hires.
  • Contact details, any other special requirements that must be fulfilled in order to meet the assignment’s demands.


Undoubtedly, after scanning over all of the above-mentioned websites to see which of the best of the best offer the writing services a student requires, the reader will walk away knowing that there are some really superlative services available for anyone who is in need of writing assistance, particularly in the academic arena.

The writing services make every effort to make sure it is not difficult to place an order. Ultimately, the writing services described here are equally trustworthy and reputable. In the end, students now have eight brand-new resources to help them always make the grade.